CBD Massage Oil Candle (100mg)


This sensual massage oil candle can be used directly on the skin. A shea butter and natural oil base, infused with CBD to form a candle which, when heated and melted, produces a wonderful, rich, warm massage oil that can be absorbed topically. This does not get hot enough to burn and cools whilst pouring. 
(200ml and 100mg CBD)


Scroll down to ‘ingredients’ for dosage and usage information.

Infused with CBD
Argan Oil
Avocado Oil
Coconut Oil
Peach Kernel
Evening Primrose Oil


Light candle and massage warm oil directly onto skin to absorb the benefits. The oil is heated gently and cools naturally as it's poured, so will not burn skin. Extinguish flame before pouring so as not to leave residue on the tin.
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It's great to see brands like Yügenial bring out some quality topicals. Looking forward to see more.
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Saturday morning rituals: journaling, enjoying a cup of jasmin tea, meditation... and a warm massage oil from Yügenial.
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Just tried using your CBD de-stress roller at night before bed and I have had the best deep sleep in ages! After working evenings in a fast paced environment it would take me a while to switch off so this ritual is a lifesaver.
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I'm totally obsessed!! And will be ordering more from your site soon, I can't be without it now!
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I've been using Yügenial for a couple of weeks now & noticed a positive difference in my sleep patterns & overall stress.
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I needed something for my health - to reduce inflammation + alleviate brain fog so I found Yügenial... Not only a re they as local as I can get, but I love their sustainable approach to packaging.

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