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Yügenial are a holistic CBD Wellness brand who advocate for an integrative mind-body approach. As an environmentally conscious brand, sustainable packaging is key, and the clean CO2 extraction process from the Hemp Lead also avoids use of Fossil Fuels

The ethically sourced, all-natural CBD oil massage candle from Yügenial is ideal to enhance the loving mood for Valentine’s, just light it up and melt away… mystery planet Neptune in your house of intimacy and relationships is opening you up to deeper experiences.

Candles are a classic gift but they aren’t always eco-friendly or imaginative. Yügenial is changing this with their CBD massage oil candle, which epitomises their ethos of making ancient holistic health accessible to the masses, sustainably.

From plant-based diets to the healing power of medicinal plants – from our experience, there is something in it. Chris sat with Nia, founder of @Yügenial to discover her journey to the plant, her crossover from studying medicine, how it has helped her and others and what to look for in your choice.

Yügenial fills us in on the incredible properties of CBD, combining a scientific and holistic approach to wellbeing, as well as some things to look out for when choosing quality CBD products…

Yügenial focuses on holistic, high quality ingredients… Wellness is at the heart of everything, because if we don’t nurture ourselves as individuals, we can’t foster great work, great relationships or great lives that fulfil their potential… making your mental and physical wellness a priority is key for this reason.

We first heard about these guys after seeing them featured in Vogue and mentioned in a few places online. We liked what we saw… We Would describe the Yügenial product range as refined and selective, which we love. We see so many CBD companies trying to sell every product under the sun, so when we see a company only selling a small selection of products, we actually find it really reassuring. We’d much prefer the company were focused on quality rather than quantity.