Yūgenial is my Meraki, a modern greek word meaning to do something with love, soul and creativity - to put 'something of yourself into what you're doing'. I come from a traditional, scientific background but after really immersing myself into the creation of Yūgenial, I came to appreciate the lost values in ancient wisdom and the art of ceremony, rhythm and tradition.

I had originally set out to create a brand that reflected our Western Culture - scientifically analytical, reductionist, rational and adopting a 'no-frills' approach. However I was brought back to the bigger picture and to the benefits of my Eastern roots, as I myself traversed the non-linear path to improved mental and physical wellbeing.

In an impressive, but pharmaceutical driven healthcare system, potent plant based medicines are often underestimated, and lacking in quality and regulation. Alongside this, the delivery of the powerful effects of placebo and it's synergy with both conventional pharmaceutical and more alternative remedies, is equally underrated: the role of ritual, connection and imagination in stimulating the body's self-healing mechanisms, as well as the power of the mind and the narratives that we are both told, and tell ourselves.

This demonstrates the need for the integration of the mind-body connection as a holistic approach to compassionate care and sustainable lifestyle adjustments. In the move towards an increasingly secular, fast-paced and technological world, it has become the norm to subscribe to a gym for physical fitness, whilst often forgetting not to neglect our mental and psycho-spiritual needs. 

I know this only too well, having headed towards the burn out epidemic on more than one occasion. Heeding the call for change, I sought a more sustainable and holistic form of respite. One that involved a temporary time out in the form of travel for the soul and spirit, along with diet and lifestyle modifications for the body and mind. This was supplemented by an increasing interest in potent plant-based remedies such as CBD, the impressive capabilities of which were beginning to steal the lime light. 

Cannabinoids effectively challenge some preconceived notions around the War on Drugs and existing paradigms in healthcare. The identical nature of exogenous and endogenous cannabinoids contribute to a picture of ourselves as organisms that are part of a greater whole, in our symbiosis with nature. We wanted Yūgenial to contribute to furthering research and education, through independent organisations like drugscience.org.uk at Imperial College London, which operates free from political and commercial influence. 

I studied Medical Science with Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Imperial, and have worked with chemists and scientists in the formulation of these products. Our ethos, ingredients and delivery are all about holistically combining the best that Mother Nature and Ancient Wisdom have to offer, with the latest developments in cutting edge Science and Technology. 

We have a boutique team of manufacturers that started making in-house blends to help themselves, their families and friends, long before it was cool. Each product is THC-free (non-psychoactive) and is formulated for excellence, especially when it comes to taste. Many oils have a ‘fishy’ or hempy taste and ours do not, due to the in-house blend and high quality CO2 extraction process, which is also more eco-friendly than fossil-fuel based extraction. All of our products contain high quality CBD oil, with transparent test certificates available in the FAQ section of the website. 

Ethnically half South Korean and half Welsh, Yūgenial is a marriage of my Eastern and Western heritage in some respects. We wanted to promote transparency, clean science and consumer education in the market, alongside changing perceptions around integrative health, plant medicines and drug policy. Where CBD is concerned especially, it is important to find high-grade oils, public certificates and test results from brands that you can trust.

We hope you enjoy these lovingly crafted, ūnique creations. - Nia Elin, Founder 

Add a drop of the Elixir to an evening brew with this meditative ritual from The Goddess Space.