Yūgenial is a Unisex Wellness brand that believes in potent botanical alchemy, clean science, transparency, consumer education and an integrative mind-body approach to health and wellbeing.

Our creations are


Anyone is able to use our products. Skincare is more effectively based on skin type and edibles are more effectively based on doseage and use, rather than gender.


We try to minimise our impact on the Environment as far as possible by reducing plastic use and avoiding ingredients like palm oil and its derivatives.


All of our products are certified as safe to use without being tested on animals. They are Plant Powered and Vegan-friendly.


Good clean Science is at the forefront of our brand. We cherry pick every ingredient and actively avoid anything listed in the Breast Cancer Awareness ‘Ditch the Junk’ Campaign including: parabens, triclosan, synthetic musks, PET, Phthalates and PFAS.


We support organisations like drugscience.org.uk. With a growing mental health epidemic whilst psychiatry remains in the ‘dark ages’, progressive research and compassionate care for a stigmatised process is close to our hearts.

We believe that we do not need to regress, in order to progress. Our ingredients include the best that mother nature has to offer, whilst still engaging with cutting edge, clean science and technology.

We are a boutique team offering the level of insight and care that comes with a more personal touch, as well as its accountability, quality, ethos and impact.

Yūgenial doesn’t focus on labels like ‘anti-ageing’. We prefer to focus on optimal health along with a holistic self-care regime and feeling the best version of oneself at any age.

Our custom rituals aim to bring back some of the rhythm and ceremony that has been replaced by routine. Every individual is different and there is no one-size fits all approach to health.

You are a drop in the ocean, but also the ocean in a drop

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