CBD Massage Oil Candle (100mg)

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CBD Massage Oil Candle (100mg)

This sensual massage oil candle can be used directly on the skin. A shea butter and natural oil base, infused with CBD to form a candle which, when heated and melted, produces a wonderful, rich, warm massage oil that can be absorbed topically. This does not get hot enough to burn and cools whilst pouring. Scroll down to 'ingredients' for dosage and usage information.

(200ml and 100mg CBD)

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Vegan Friendly

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Main Ingredients

Infused with CBD:
Cannabidiol is a Hemp plant extract that is showing promising anti-inflammatory benefits in the latest research.

The absolute amount of CBD in this product is 100mg, the concentration is therefore 0.05%. Therefore each 1ml useage will give you a dose of 0.5mg, apply liberally topically. See our Doseage and Concentration pages for more info.

Argan Oil:
Argan oil is made from the kernels grown on trees native to Morocco. It has traditionally been used topically to improve skin health owing to its antioxidant benefits, abundance of vitamin E (a fat-soluble vitamin that can improve water retention in the skin), anti-inflammatory properties and sebum-regulating effects. It also has some anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties.

Avocado Oil:
Avocado Oil is great for helping skin stay smooth, strong and elastic. This carrier oil is pressed from the seeds, nuts and fatty flesh of the Avocado. It hydrates and moisturises without leaving a greasy residue.

Coconut Oil:
Coconut Oil helps to do away with hard, dry skin especially on the feet and legs. Much of the existing research for the use of coconut oil in skin disorders like Psoriasis or Eczema speaks of its protein content, in the replacement of sick or dying cells with healthy new cells. The capric, caprylic and lauric fatty acids it contains also have disinfectant and anti-microbial properties. It is an incredibly nourishing oil which is also good for wound healing and scarring.

Peach Kernel:
Slightly lighter than sweet almond oil, this carrier oil is suitable for skin with large open pores. Fine textured and containing vitamins A, E, as well as essential fatty acids.

Evening Primrose Oil:
Light in nature and easily absorbed into the skin. Beneficial to skin conditions like acne and eczema thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Evening primrose is a plant with yellow flowers which only open in the evening, hence the name. Cold pressing the seeds produces this nutritious oil rich in GLA and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Light candle and massage warm oil directly onto skin to absorb the benefits. The oil is heated gently and cools naturally as it's poured, so will not burn skin. Extinguish flame before pouring so as not to leave residue on the tin.