Does CBD Oil Work for Migraines and Headaches?

Getting to the root source of a headache is a nuisance in itself, especially when they appear our of nowhere. To understand how to take CBD oil for headaches, you must first grasp the source and the affected part. Primary headaches stem from the inflammation or swelling of blood vessels, muscle tissue, or nerves in the head or neck region. The types under primary headaches are migraines, tension, and cluster.

Migraines usually present as a throbbing pain that may be on either one side of the head or both. Migraines may come with a warning or without. They are characteristic when someone suffers from conditions like asthma or diabetes. They usually have no cure but can be managed by medications, and until recently, by some CBD strains for headaches. Tension headaches are a centralised pain source at the temples, the back of the neck, or the forehead. They can be mild or very intense, and they recede with physical care such as massage of the afflicted area using a CBD migraine balm or CBD massage oil. Pain medications also do the trick.

A hypnic headache is a sporadic one that occurs within a specific age group of people. It affects people between the ages of 30 to 40 and usually occurs at night. It only lasts for a few minutes, then vanishes. Pain medications generally do nothing for these headaches as it comes with extra effects like runny nose, teary eyes, and sometimes dizziness. The last kind of primary headaches is the cluster headache that occurs in a cluster. What this means is that they appear one after the other with breaks of calm and no pain.  They behave like the hypnic headaches but more frequently through the day and night. They are also accompanied by several effects like droopy lids, enlarged pupil, stuffy nose, or teary eyes. The best treatment for these headaches is before they set in.

Secondary headaches are a class of headaches that are fatal since they usually have a causative agent that is dangerous. Some root reasons for secondary headaches are brain tumours, aneurysms, brain or neck injury, or brain infection. These kinds of headaches appear out of the blues and come in unbearable pain that could hinder you right away. These headaches affect the whole head, and a person cannot really spot the source. CBD is commendable for its anti-inflammatory properties that may aid headaches, mainly primary headaches. What happens is that CBD acts upon the pain receptors in the brain and dampens the pain by bringing down the swelling that might be causing the headache.

When it comes to secondary caused headaches, the anti-inflammatory properties are also beneficial when dealing with inflammation caused by a disease like diabetes. CBD comes in as a pain reliever as it hinders the body from metabolising a substance called anandamide. When this happens, this substance inevitably increases in volume in the blood, which produces the effect of pain regulation. The higher the anandamide level, the less the pain. Most of these headaches mentioned above might be triggered by stress too. CBD being a notable relaxer and mood booster, works hand in hand with the endocannabinoid system to balance out the stress hormone called cortisol. If cortisol is under control, you will experience fewer headaches. For instance, if the tension headaches source is stress, then a CBD oil lotion for headaches might come in handy before the headache’s full intensity kicks in. 

This is in direct referral to secondary headaches caused by diabetes. One thing that CBD helps with, thanks to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, is regulating the use, production, and utilisation of insulin in the body. When this balance is struck, the ripple effect is the reduction in the headache frequency. And if you continue treatment using CBD gummy bears for headaches, you might eradicate them altogether. If the cause of your headache is head or neck injury, CBD might help with that too. CBD molecules help reduce swelling faster, which protects the nearby muscle tissue and blood vessels. Secondly, it relaxes the muscles receding tension that may hinder healing. Thirdly, CBD aids sound sleep, and sleep is the time our bodies work best in regenerating all the body systems.

While all these happen, you get to heal faster and wade off any kind of headaches brought about by injury to the brain or neck. Headaches can be the reason some people cannot get a good night’s sleep. As mentioned in the previous point, CBD can aid sleep, making you get sound sleep since it dampens the pain. Secondary headaches can also be kept away by edibles. Since they take longer to work,  you should use CBD for migraines a few hours before the time you usually get a hypnic headache, for instance. If you need an immediate solution to a throbbing headache, inhaling it through hemp cigarettes or vapes can work pretty well. But while using this method, you have to be aware not to trigger other nasal or respiratory cavity disturbances.

The first thing is to get a comprehensive evaluation from a doctor. The physician has to scan you for any possible underlying causes and give you the go-ahead to use CBD products if you must. If they discover another issue beyond stress, tension, or injury, a second opinion by a specialist supported by tests and scans are mandatory. If an underlying problem is ruled out, proceed to get CBD for migraines as treatment. If you have no idea where to buy a CBD oil for headaches, the first stop should be the internet. Search for shops within your areas and read the reviews given. Be vigilant and thorough in asking around people who might recommend you to a good site using social media platforms. If you have friends or family, you could ask, the better.

A CBD flower for headaches will definitely have a different dosage plan compared to a tincture. And this may be because they might have different CBD concentrations and potency, not forgetting the ingredients and the bioavailability. That said, you must use the recommended dosage to avoid adverse side effects by overdosing. If the recommended dosage does not act as it should, give it a little more time before taking another one. If you are new to using any CBD product, always start with the lowest dosages and go adding if you must. Starting small initiates your body into getting used to the new supply of CBD into the body.

Do not try ingesting a CBD migraine balm meant for topical application. Or smoke CBD oil for massage in a vape. This might result in poisoning since the elements used in making this product might not be safe when consumed in any way other than the intended. That said, always use the CBD product as prescribed. By now, you can confidently answer the question, what can CBD do for migraines without any hesitation. How to take CBD and how does CBD oil work are all at your fingertips now. CBD is an impressive substance that has made quite a name of itself, and it is bound to get even better as time goes by. Undoubtedly, there is none other like CBD because of its benefits pan all over the medical industry. With CBD, headaches are nothing to keep you down.

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