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300mg CBD Head Roller

Containing a unique, pro-absorption blend of carrier oils infused with CBD and Terpenes. Designed to provide easy application to power and pressure points around the body. Use on temples to naturally banish headaches. Please note that the distinctive aroma of this product comes from the natural Terpenes, which aid in pulling the CBD across the skin barrier. 

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100mg CBD Body Candle

This sensual massage oil candle can be used directly on skin. A shea butter and essential oil base, infused with CBD. When heated and melted it produces a wonderful, rich, warm massage oil that can be absorbed topically. 100% natural, containing Peach Kernal and Pomegranate for an aromatic aroma and light, non-sticky topical absorption.

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300mg CBD Elixir

Our house blend can be drizzled on food, dressings and drinks for a meal-time boost of CBD. Add it to your morning coffee, or supplement a warming hemp milk at night. It can also be taken on its own and has a mild, MCT-oil base from coconut. Visit the 'Books' section in the navigation bar to download our free Raw Vegan Recipe Guide.

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About Yūgenial's CBD

CBD is so much more than just the next big wellness trend. It stands for 'cannabidiol' - just one of over 480 naturally derived compounds from the Hemp plant. CBD acts on the body's endocannabinoid system and the latest research shows that this system may be involved in bringing balance to a whole range of physiological processes. 

Our supplements combine CBD with MCT oil, a healthy fat from coconut, to increase absorption along with other compounds from the Hemp plant that may act synergistically to enhance CBD's effects

Each product is THC-free (non-psychoactive), has an excellent taste (many oils have a ‘fishy’ or hempy taste but ours do not, due to the holistic blend and high quality CO2 extraction process, which is also more eco-friendly). We use high quality CBD oil and independent Lab test certificates are available in the FAQ section of the website. Our ranges comply with UK laws and are sourced from organic non-GMO Hemp, without herbicides or pesticides.  

We have a boutique team of manufacturers that started making in-house blends to help themselves, their families and friends, long before it was cool.  Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to Shop our CBD collections and discover more about our Story and Ethos